Who Am I ?

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Cue the Indiana Jones / Star Trek music – I’m a red shirt photog / adventurer, photographer at The News Leader, geocacher, scifi & history nut, and …  starship captain of the U.S.S. Venturous with Fleet 31.

That said, I haven’t quite been myself since my heart-attack a few years back.

Amazing how something like that can change things.

Before the heart-attack, I had gotten VERY active in the sport of Geocaching.

My physical condition (outside of the clogged arteries) was at the best it had ever been.

After that life event, however, I find I have become too sedentary, have gained weight and have physical health and well-being far from what it once was.

Basically, I went from being someone constantly seeking adventure to someone living in fear … well … of living.

Well, the time has come to take my life back. 

Thus I’m choosing to embrace the life of a “Red Shirt” once more.


Red Shirt (n) — A “redshirt” is a stock character in fiction who dies soon after being introduced. The term originates with fans of the Star Trek television series (1966–69), from the red shirts worn by Starfleet security personnel who frequently die during episodes.[1] Redshirt deaths are often used to dramatize the potential peril that the main characters face.


1027-FollyFalls 19209 RSp7No, I do NOT have a death-wish, however, I’m talking about that willingness to put myself out there to get the job done — to experience that moment in life.

When I was heavily into geocaching, I plowed full force into the adventures — which explains the bruises, scraps and poison ivy I’d walk away with.

It was simply a part of life — battle scars I was fairly proud of as it added to the glories of the story.

I LOVED the adventure … stepping willingly into the unknown, both at work and in play.

THIS is the spirit I want to embrace once again.

This is the secret to reclaiming what I allowed to be taken from me by fear and heart-attack.


My Geocaching Handle is …   RedShirtPhotog

Profile for Red Shirt

( Make sure to read about a geocaching project of mine called “Ships of the Cache” )



Hello … I am not just a geocacher but also a scifi geek who loves Star Trek and also happens to be chief photographer at a daily newspaper in Staunton, Va.

So what does that make me???? … Yeap … You guessed it ….

The Red Shirt Motto : I’m Not Expendable. I’m Not Stupid. And I’m Not Going!

…. and then I end up going anyway.

You know … I realize that one day I’m going to wake up, get sent out somewhere to seek out some new find only to have a crazy three leaf plant SPELL MY DOOM! 

It’s the fear we red shirts live with.

Seriously … It amazes me the places we will go and the things we will do to get that smiley and additional find added to our totals.

You KNOW you too feel like a red shirt from the original Star Trek when you go tracing through the woods or even out on a city street looking hard for that find … and then the cop rolls past.